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3 Ways To Make Your Home Buyer-Friendly

These three tips will guarantee your home’s accessibility for showings.

Are you considering selling your home? If so, you need to learn how to capitalize on accessibility. By making adjustments to your schedule and routine, you will make your home more accessible to showings, which will attract more buyers. Given that buyers have different schedules, the more showing schedules you have for your home, the higher your chances of getting your home sold faster. Today, I will share three strategies that will help you improve your home’s accessibility:

1. Create a showing schedule. The first step is to create a showing schedule. This allows us to determine how many times each day the property can be shown. For example, you might have two available slots on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The more availability, the better. To optimize this, let us know the specific times when the property cannot be shown. If there are only one or two hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday when the property isn’t available, it opens up plenty of opportunities for showings. This increased accessibility can significantly enhance the chances of a successful transaction, potentially leading to higher offers.

2. Find a pet sitter. Another way to increase accessibility is to arrange for pet care early on. Buyers are often eager to see a home but might have limited availability. So, if the seller needs to rush home to secure their pets, it can interfere with showing times. To prevent this, plan to have your pets stay with a friend, relative, or at a pet sitter’s home for a few days or during your showing schedule. This way, you won’t need to leave work to rush home to secure your pets, and we can show the property to interested buyers without any delays.

“The more showing schedules you have for your home, the higher your chances of getting your home sold faster.”

3. Make an exit plan for surprise showings. To make the selling process more pleasant and stress-free, we highly recommend that you have an exit plan for surprise showings. Without a plan, you might find yourself sitting in your car, waiting for potential buyers to finish their tour. These showings are crucial as they involve serious buyers who are ready to make a purchase, so you definitely want to accommodate them. By creating a clear exit plan, even when your agent calls with a last-minute showing request, you’ll be prepared. You may go to your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, or take a walk outside. Keep your shoes by the door and have a go-to spot ready so that you can quickly and comfortably leave the house when needed. This way, you can ensure that showings happen smoothly and without any added stress.

So, if you’re planning to sell your home, email us at or visit our website at We would be delighted to help you get top dollar for your property. We look forward to helping you!

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