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3 Ways We Recruit New Talent to Our Team

Here are the three main ways we recruit new talent to our team.

Today, I’ll be discussing three approaches through which we collaborate with agents in the community: 

  1. Open continuous. In this approach, we regularly post job openings on platforms like Indeed, providing individuals the flexibility to apply at their convenience. Candidates can review the job description, understand our requirements, and learn what it takes to join our team before deciding whether or not they want to apply. 
  1. Planned events/community engagement. These events create an opportunity for us to reach a larger audience, engage with the community, address inquiries, and share insights about our team and the experience of being part of our network.

“We love getting recruiting referrals from our trusted business partners.”

  1. Targeted recruiting. When our agents collaborate with peers across the table and identify individuals they believe would enhance our team, they recommend them to us. This referral-based approach allows us to connect with potential candidates, sharing details about available positions, the partnership process, and what it entails. In this method, we focus on specific talents and qualities we seek to add to our team through targeted recruiting.

If you have any questions about how we recruit agents or if you’re interested in joining our team yourself, please call or email us. We’d love to hear from you!

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